Sunday, April 12, 2009

RIP Sammy

Sammy, our loveable Maltese dog, passed away suddenly yesterday. He was being treated at the vet for the digestive problem for a few days, but we didn't think it was serious and thought he would recover. Unfortunately, his condition suddenly deteriorated and he is gone. We didn't have him for very long, but he was already a part of our family and was a constant companion to me on my trips to the grocery store and to the park. At home, he would always saunter over to me looking for attention and wanted to be petted. There is a real sense of emptiness in our home right now. Our son, eight-year-old Brandon, cried quite a bit and he asked me yesterday if animals can also go to heaven.

On the bright side, Sammy gave us a lot of enjoyment while he was here, and he taught my son how to care for a living creature. Brandon also learned to deal with loss. We still have our beloved Yorkie, Bobby. Also, we will be shopping soon for a new loveable addition to our family.

Rest in peace, Sammy!

Friday, April 10, 2009

The Price of Greed

Our beloved little canine, Sammy the Maltese, had to be taken to the emergency room today because he was deathly ill and running a high fever. The problem was that while no-one was looking, he ate an entire plate of dukbokki (a very spicy Korean rice cake dish). And being the tiny critter that he is, the pieces of rice cake became lodged in his digestive tract and he couldn't digest his furtive meal. Sammy knows not to sneak food from the table, but I guess he couldn't resist the temptation. I wonder if he regrets being so greedy about food and going on his sneaky food binge.

Bass Fishing in Korea

I wish I had more friends who were into bass fishing in Korea. Koreans like to fish, but their prized catch is crucian carp, which are small, lifeless and boring fish. Bass are quite plentiful here, but they are almost universally hated because they are considered feral foreigners. In fact, Koreans make it a point to kill any bass they happen to catch. They are xenophobic even when it comes to fish! Fortunately, my son enjoys bass fishing and we plan to flip some plastic worms at our favorite reservoir this weekend. I hope I meet a nice lunker or two. We will take photos and then release them so they can enjoy their time in Korea. Hopefully, they won't run into any cruel Korean anglers.